Terran L Lamp Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Terran L Lamp Foundation is to educate, create awareness and promote prevention in the areas of heart health and breast cancer. We would like to empower both men and women by giving confidence to those with one or multiple conditions encouraging them to survive and thrive and be the most INCREDIBLE you.  The Terran L Lamp Foundation will also provide peer to peer mentoring for those recently diagnosed, in treatment and surviving both heart disease and breast cancer.  A portion of the proceeds from the Terran L Lamp Foundation will be given directly to local heart disease and cancer patients. As a survivor of multiple conditions myself I know firsthand the high cost of medical bills and medicines, therefore the foundation proceeds will be used to pay for and alleviate medical cost for deserving survivors!
Any products purchased on TerranLamp.com will go towards helping the Terran L Lamp Foundation.
Check back for upcoming events or email us if you would like to become a partner.

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* The TLL Foundation is not tax exempt, so you will not receive a donation receipt.

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