Terran the Survivor and Thriver!

As founder of Self Confidence Wear It and The Terran L Lamp Foundation my mission is to share my story & encourage you to be confident, survive and thrive!

I combine my work in positive messaging with my journey of survival. The message is simple: “Don’t just SURVIVE, THRIVE”

Community & Advocacy

I’m ready RIGHT NOW to THRIVE! 

Join me in an interactive dialogue as we discuss a 5 step survival process to get through

life’s most challenging moments.

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In addition to my Research and Life Experiences in Surviving, I’ve also been blessed to hold an impressive career in Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Sales! Not too many people get to say they are doing 1 what they love! I’ve been lucky to be doing 2! My career in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales has been great fun and alot of learning! If you’re new to the industry or would just like a refresher on how to jumpstart your career, I’d love to help!

What I can do for you…


Learn successful tips through my survival and sales coaching.


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